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Dietitian & Nutritionist in Ambala

Guardian Hospital is providing a holistic health Haven providing practical wellness services. A fulfilling dietary approach towards weight loss, weight gain, PCOD, thyroid and other lifestyle factors affecting health. Using food and lifestyle management as antidote, Our department of Diet & Nutrition is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with an amazing management team who is profusely involved in transforming healing experience.

Guardian Hospital's Department of Diet & Nutrition is the only and best diet clinic in Ambala. Our experienced dietitian and Nutrition Expert Dt. Jazz Kalra is the head of the department and personally handle every patient with care and determination. Our results speak.

What you get?

  • Understand What Nutrition Means For You And Your Body
  • Build A Positive Relationship With Food And Your Body
  • Learn How Food Is A Natural Healer For Diseases
  • Learn What Is A Healthy Weight For You And How To Maintain It Lifelong
  • Heal / Reverse Lifestyle Disorders.
  • Learn How To Listen To Your Body And Give It What It Needs.
  • Learn How To Implement My Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Method Through Daily Life.
  • Becoming Stronger, More Confident With Elevated Self Esteem
  • Handholding Through This New And Exciting Chapter Of Your Life
  • Establish Daily Changes You Can Make Immediately
  • Create Alternatives To Unhealthy Food Habits

Certified Nutritionist, Fitness Consultant in Ambala

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